Tom Von Deck, Content strategist & copywriter

Holistic Health & Science ☻ Herbs ☻ Nutrition & Supplements ☻ Human Potential ☻ Spirituality ☻ Politics ☻ Personal Development ☻ Meditation ☻ Yoga 

My most common services offered graphic

☻ Content marketing
☻ Content strategy
☻ Direct response copywriting
☻ Email marketing
☻ Video scripts
☻ Sales pages
☻ Blog articles
☻ Journalism
☻ Opt-in pages & forms
☻ Ads
☻ Search engine optimization
☻ Interpret & translate scientific studies for lay audiences

Other services - brochures, case studies, white papers, animation

☻ Social media management
☻ Product descriptions
☻ Brochures
☻ White papers
☻ FAQs
☻ Case studies
☻ Nonfiction books
☻ Brand journalism
☻ Magazine feature articles
☻ Press releases
☻ Kinetic typography (animated text) & character animation videos

what makes me stand out as a freelance writer & marketer graphic

☻ An uncanny superpower that translates scientific jargon so that regular folks can understand it & have fun reading it
Meticulous research that answers more (& more insightful) questions than all the parrot content that clutters search engines these days
☻ The ability to capture YOUR brand’s voice & add my own playful style when desired
☻ 30+ years studying & practicing natural health, human potential & spirituality
☻ 12 years studying & practicing the psychology of what motivates people to buy & what causes them to flee
☻ 22 years studying & practicing framing & positioning

What Others are saying about
tom von deck, the sales pipeline wizard

“Tom adds value to your project/company/website. Period! His analysis is spot-on and his communication clear. And most importantly, he cares about your progress. As always, thank you Tom!”


Owner & YouTube Personality: The Body Conditioner & Chi's Yoga, Lagos, Nigeria

“Very professional. An experienced writer with a passion for creating engaging articles and emails.”

Greg Misaghi

Marketing Director: Puriya, Makers of Mother of All Creams

“Tom is an awesome copywriter. Highly recommended!”

Max Gervas

Being With Byron Katie Retreat, Engelberg, Switzerland

“Simply put, Tom was amazing. He went above and beyond what was expected and handcrafted some amazing work.”

Shawn Smith

Editor & Publisher: Trizone, Triathlon News Website

“Tom is an amazing writer and we are using him again!”

Crystal Stannard

Marketing Director: Pillai Center for Mind Science

“Tom was the perfect fit. He delivered good quality. Communication was great. All went smooth.”


Owner: Samadhi Quest Singing Bowls

examples of past work

This long form article in Elephant Journal explores the connections between mindfulness and martial arts. In other words, it’s about the art of holistic conflict resolution. The share count was 40 before the counter reset itself. 

Probiotics: The Ultimate Supplement Guide - Intelligent Labs

The long form article examines the medical science supporting the use of probiotics in food and supplement forms. Intelligent Labs is a supplement manufacturer.

Employee Engagement Productivity Report -
Snack Proud

The report/white paper dives into the scientific literature about the links between workplace eating habits and productivity. Snack Proud delivers healthy and taste-tested snacks to workplaces in the Sydney, Australia area. 

IRONMAN World Championship Article - Trizone

This is a sports journalism piece that went live just before the IRONMAN World Championship. Lionel Sanders was expected to finish in the top 3 that year. He’s a former cocaine addict who transmuted his addiction into a successful triathlon career. Trizone is a triathlon news website. 

Sales Page - Being With Byron Katie Retreat

This is a screenshot of a sales page I wrote for the Being With Byron Katie Retreat in Switzerland. Byron Katie is a world famous self-help author and teacher best known for her signature healing framework called “The Work.”

Vedic Astrology Newsletter - Pillai Center for Mind Science

Tom Von Deck freelance portfolio email marketing graphic - Vedic astrology newsletter

Powertime Alerts was a weekly newsletter by the Pillai Center for Mind Science. Dr. Baskaran Pillai is a world renowned  Tamil Siddha Yogi, religious scholar, and humanitarian. I wrote these newsletters and performed the layout work in Infusionsoft. 

more skills, bragging rights
& background stories

Scientific literacy FDA compliance icon

scientific literacy & FDA Compliance

I have many years of experience analyzing and writing about scientific studies. I can align all content with your internal policies for compliance with the FDA or other regulatory bodies. If you don't have an internal policy, I can help you create one that will make your lawyer's job easier. FDA policies are ambiguous. Well-crafted internal policies are not.


youtube optimization

My Deeper Meditation YouTube channel has well over a million views and just over 40 videos. Most of the views came from search traffic. Many happy surfers have visited my meditation website after watching videos on YouTube. I have also helped clients boost their traffic and engagement. If you need more traffic and engagement, let me know.


search engine optimization (SEO)

SEO is an evolving art and science. I've had the pleasure of working for their algorithm team for five years and learning how they think. Their long-term goals amount to delivering the most helpful and satisfying experience for the end user who uses a particular search query. I can help you align your content with these goals and help you discover topics users are actually searching for.

Book marketing services icon

successful book

My first book ranked in the top 1/10 of 1% of all Kindle books for more than a year. It ruled two categories: Meditation and Yoga.

I can help you create and market your book. Better yet, I can help you leverage your book so that it helps you build your business.

Unless you're a fiction author, a book can become a long form business card that boosts your credibility as an expert and introduces people to the gifts you have to offer.


Talk show appearances

I have appeared on dozens of talk shows and understand how to reach hosts and producers.

Appearing on talk shows and podcasts can be a great way to gain publicity and help people at the same time.

I can help you get booked and leverage the free publicity so that it feeds your business.

Online course creation and marketing services icon

online course creation & marketing

I studied with Marisa Murgatroyd, one of the world's top experts on online course creation. Marisa understands what it takes to design and market courses that people actually want to complete. After they complete one course and realize how much progress they have made, they will keep coming back for more.

The average completion rate for an online course is very low. I can change that.